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What's Your Ideal Relationship?

Romantic relationships are a much talked as a subject among friends. We joke about the different Habits, give Advice to each other, Tease the matching outfits some couple wear but in all seriousness, we all cherish the Togetherness two people share. It's an incomparable, unique, very special and incredibly heart-warming bond two people create. 

I believe that every Relationship is different and unique. We all have very different ideas about what a good relationship is, what relationship we are comfortable with; what expectations we have and how much we are willing to compromise.  If it doesn't make you happy, make it work - but only if you care enough.

My husband has quite simply been my strength and I owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim. Recently I was down with cold and flu. Usually when I'm sick, I like to be left entirely alone unless I am so very sick that I am at a serious risk to my health and if someone doesn't take care of me. But this time it was different, my husband was with me. I realized what exactly caring means, I realized the strength of togetherness, I realized the feeling of being near.

He made me soup and went out in the middle of the night to get me medicine so that I could sleep as I had to get to Office the next day. Although I was not in good health to go to Office, I took a leave and stayed at home. I insisted him to go office but he didn't and said “My first duty is towards my wife, not my work”. I felt so good by his words.

Whole day he didn't allowed me to do any work. He cooked for me, gave me medicines on time, did the household work. He made sure that I have a bottle full of hot water, that I am getting enough rest, it really made me sad to not kiss him so he gives me extra little forehead kisses I love him so much. This gave me the strength and motivation I needed to go on with optimism, and look up. I realized I am not alone in this journey, it’s our journey and we have to walk together holding each other hands.

He is my Shoulder and my Strength
He is the person I need and the one who is there. 
He is more than friend and more than a husband too
He is so special more than he know and more than I show.
He is my soul mate, he is my lover, and he is all that I know.

In fact these are the sweet moments of togetherness, which made our relationship very strong. My husband has given me the strength of optimism which I am never going to let go.

Mushroom and Broccoli-Quick tossed Salad

Mushroom and Broccoli Salad a super quick Salad😋, which can also be served as a Starter. 
Mushroom and Broccoli both are low calorie and low carbohydrate food choice. The combination and flavour of both tossed with cherry tomato and Basil leaves takes it to an another level.
  🕒Total Time :15 mins 
         🕒Prep Time :5 mins          
🕒Cook Time :5 mins
👑Difficulty:: Easy    🍽Category: Quick


    - 2 cups Fresh sliced Mushroom
    - 2 cups Fresh Broccoli chopped into bite size
    - 7-8 Cheery Tomatos
    - 4-5 Basil Leaves
    - 1 tea spoon Virgin Olive Oil
    - Salt and Black Pepper as per taste

    <>In a saucepan take 3 cups water and boil chopped Broccoli for 2 minutes.  
    <>Heat a wok and add 1 teaspoon of Olive oil. Add chopped Mushroom and saute it for 1 min.
    <>Now add the boiled Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil Leaves.
    <>Sprinkle salt and Black Pepper as per your Taste and Toss all Salad Ingredients for few seconds and "The SALAD is READY"

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    Are you missing the most important Vitamin of Life!

    Excellent, Extra-ordinary, Elemental, Essential, Effective …and I can go on and on Explaining and Elaborating the Essence of “E”. Well, if you still didn’t get it, I am all gaga over this beautiful humble Vitamin E which changed my life-style like never before. God has gifted each one of us with the basic essential elements of our body such as skin, hair & muscles and it is our responsibility to nurture these gifts as we grow.

    Today, I would like to walk you through one beautiful incident of my life which changed me for once and for all.

    Not long ago, when I was in my early twenties, I was pursuing studies for a career in hospitality industry.  It was the time of the year and like every-one in my batch, I was also worried on my ability to crack trough the placements which was due in less than 2 months’ time. The biggest challenge of all was to look the best and equally sound confident and energetic. With the deteriorating quality of life style, food habits and stress levels, there already was a significant detrimental impact to the hair color, skin quality and fitness levels.  

    Right after the examinations, we were given a break of 1 week and were expected to join back the institute there after, to prepare for the placements until the 'D' day. I took this opportunity to visit one of my aunts I hadn't met in many years and who lives in Pune. I was really looking forward for this week to relieve myself of the stress before the real test.

    The distance between Mumbai and Pune is not much, however, by the time I arrived in Pune, I was already feeling tired and dull. Upon reaching the place, I ranged the doorbell, eagerly waiting to meet my aunt, who I imagined to be wrinkle faced, old lady with dull grey hair. However, as the door opened...., what I saw next was way out of my imagination. There stood a healthy beautiful lady with a charming glow on her face, and a royal confidence. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was in front of the very same aunt, who looked still the same as she used to be 15 years back. What a delightful experience it was.....

    I was welcomed with a warm hug and was escorted to small cozy room which was going to be my den for next 7 days. Over the next few days, I was amazed to observe how fit and energetic my aunt was and all this without spending hours on any beauty treatments or diet plans.

    As the vacation was coming to an end, I couldn’t resist myself from inquiring the real secret behind the age defying beauty she was carrying with her. With a big smile, all she did was to simply place a paper packet in my purse and with a reassuring gesture, wished me good luck. Although I couldn’t understand in first go, I decided to check it out on my way back to Mumbai. To my utter surprise, the packet contained #Evion supplement Vitamin E capsules.

    I have had heard about the benefits of Vitamin E, but never tried any supplements. Thinking more of the past week, my curiosity grew more and more, and I finally decided to research a bit more. The more articles I came across, the more was I getting excited to try these out.

    Merck is a known face in medicine industry and I learned that its #Evion Vitamin E supplement is the fastest growing name in India. Vitamin E has immense health benefits including hair nourishment and youthful skin. Our basic dietary intake is not sufficient enough to replenish the lost nutrients and vitamin E deficiency is the main cause for growing problems such as dullness of skin, hair fall and muscle sourness.

    As I learnt more about this product, I made my mind stronger to include these supplements in my daily routine. I tried various innovative ways of using this in addition to oral intake. The results were phenomenal. The shining stronger hair and glowing face was adding more and more confidence in me every day. I also realized I was all the more active throughout the day.

    Finally, the placement day arrived and I was indeed the happiest soul on the campus by the end of the event. I still remember the day my aunt gave me the magic capsules which gave me the confidence to win my dream job at the best in class Aviation Company. There was no looking back after that, and after so many years, I have managed to keep myself young and beautiful.

    #Evion supplement capsules are readily available at all stores and quiet popular among beauticians and skin specialists. For more details, you can visit

    Quick usage tips:

    - Add contents of 2 capsules to your hair oil or directly apply to scalp at night for healthy      nourished hair.
    Apply the contents on your face and tap it under eyes or mix it with face cream for a glowing skin.
    The easiest way - just gulp down one capsule every day for 20 days and you will see a significant difference in your overall health.

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    8 Useful Vacation must that you SHOULD add to Wardrobe

    Either it is a long trip or a weekend gateway, we usually get puzzled choosing the right accessory that is really required for the trip.

    Don’t get up ending by keeping all your favorite accessory. Thing wise and choose the one which is versatile and really needed. Here is the list of 8 Vacation must have that you add to your Wardrobe

    1) Sunglasses

    A perfect trending accessory which gives a fantastic look and increase your style quotient. Not only it protects from harmful UV rays but gives a gracefulness to what you wear.
    Latest in trend are Aviator, cat eye and round. Read more here: 3 Essential Sunglasses Styles Every Women Should Own

    2) White T shirt

    An ultimate summer layering accessory, a simple and humble white shirt. You can wear it with jeans, denims shorts or pair it up with any bright colour dress.
    In summer it helps you from heat stroke and tanning. You can go either with a lace or chiffon material to look more trendy and elegant or with a thick material to give more protection. Pick the one with an understanding of which fabric suits you the most and ideal for the weather.

    Click on Image to Buy

    3) Funky jewellery

    Rock your trip with these 2 must have earring styles:

    Hoop Earrings: 

    The modern and playful touch of hoop earrings gives you a very trendy look. You can wear them with chic, super casual, in fact with any outfit. It blends very well with a high pony tail but due to its biz size it also looks good with hair down.

    Click on Image to buy

    Tassel earrings: 

    A great style which gives a boho and a chic look. A bold tassel earring can blend very well with a plain dress. Be it a walk on the beach, a walk on the streets or a night party, you can choose from a variety of range available.

    Click on image to Buy

    4) Flip flops & Travel shoes

    Flip Flop:

    A good pair of flip flop is a must especially if you are going for a beach vacation. Why get sand in your feet 😊

    Apart from beach you can even wear it for evening strolls. Bright colours or glittered straps, accessorised with stones works best for parties.

    Click on Image to Buy

    Comfortable shoes:

    I believe don't sacrifice comfort or style when you are travelling. Always keep something comfortable enough to get through a full day sightseeing. Remember pain to your feet can became pain to the trip. 
    My favourite picks are white & black that can carry any outfit.

    Click on Image to Buy

    5) Tote Bag

    A perfect roomy bag that can carry all your essentials. Oversized Tote bags are most trending, with bright colours or a funky prints.
    Click on Image to Buy

    6) Sarong/Scarf

    A sarong is an all-purpose piece for a holiday. There are many creative ways to use a sarong; Beach skirt, tie it around waist for a beach dress, and can be used as scarf and beach mat.

    Click on Image to Buy

    7) Hat

    An ultimate accessory for travelling, not only it protects from harmful sun rays but also gives a style quotient to your entire look.
     If you feel you will need extra space to carry a big hat, then you just need to flip hat upside down and place on the surface of suitcase. Fill the crown space with small items like t-shirts or undergarments. So in your next vacation don’t leave your favorite hat behind.

    Click on Image to Buy

    8) Umbrella

    If you are travelling to a place where it rains or is extremely sunny, a lightweight umbrella protects against rain and harmful UV rays. Adding to this, one can take photos without getting camera wet or cover purse and bag.

    Berry Oatmeal- Healthy breakfast for a Superday

    A delicious healthy Breakfast with goodness of Berries and Nuts! A perfect package of nutrients to start your day.

       🕒Total Time :15 mins 
     🕒Prep Time :10 mins
    🕒Cook Time :5 mins
    👑Difficulty:: Easy    🍽Category: Quick

      - 100 grams oats
      - 3 broken walnuts
      - Pumpkin seeds
      - Sunflower seeds
      - 100 grams thick yogurt
      - Honey
      - Strawberry, blue berry


         <> Roast the oats, walnut, pumpkin & sunflower seeds in a frying pan for 3 mins.
          <> Fry on medium heat and have a quick eye and stir occasionally. Make sure this mixture is not burnt.
          <> Add honey and quickly remove the pan from heat.
         <> Cool down this mixture and then start layering up with oats, berries, yogurt and keep repeating this until the Jar is full

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        3 recommended Sunglasses Styles- Need of Every Women

        A perfect trending accessory that gives a fantastic look to your outfit. Not only it protects from harmful UV rays but gives a gracefulness to what we wear. Here is the list of 3 styles of sunglasses to fulfil your sunglasses obsession.

        Aviators Sunglasses

        A classic 90's style which is still popular and no signs of going out of fashion soon. Whether it's a beach or any vacation this style is ideal to give you the complete trendy look. Variety of frames and shades are available in the market. To look out of the crowd, pick that is eye catchy. 

          Image Courtesy:,

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        Rounded Sunglasses

        A recently popularised trend by fashion icons of the world, in fact the first spectacles were circular designed. This style gives you a splendid look which wonderfully gets infused with a playful mood. With a vast selection of styles available it is really hard to choose.

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        Cat eyed Sunglasses

                      Image Courtesy:,,

        These are a shape for every women and blends well with wide range of faces. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among the women and have quite a craze among the celebrities. With styles like heart shape frame, crystal embedded or tinted glasses, you have really good variety to choose from.

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        Chinese-Style Fried Brown Rice

        Chinese Styled Brown Fried Rice, a very good and a nutritious whole meal. Replacing white rice with Brown rice has not only added the nutrition but also as Brown rice is not sticky as compared to white rice, it has made this recipe easy to cook.

        Brown rice is generally more nutritious as compared to white rice. It is high in Fiber, magnesium and other nutrients
        🕒Total Time: 1 hour
          🕒Prep Time: 25 mins
           🕒Cook Time: 35 mins

        👑Difficulty:: Moderate  🍽 Category:: Rice


        - 1 cup uncooked long- grain brow Rice
        3 cups water
        2 tablespoon vegetable oil/Olive Oil/ Sesame oil
        2 cloves garlic and 1 small Ginger, sliced
        1 Green Chilly      
        1 bunch green onions, slice both white and green parts
        Cabbage, 5 green French beans, 1 small green Capsicum, sliced
        1 small Carrot, sliced
        8 Spinach leaves
        2 tablespoon spoon soy sauce
        Half table spoon crushed Black pepper
        1 table spoon Manchurian Paste (Optional) 
        Salt as per taste


        -        DIRECTION:

        <>Rinse the brown rice and soak it for 30 minutes. In a saucepan take 3 cups water and boil for 2 minutes. 

        <>Add the rice and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cover it with a lid for 20 mins. Once water is completely absorbed and the rice Fluffed well let it cool down.

        <>Heat a wok and add 2 tablespoon oil. Add chopped ginger, garlic and green Chilies. Saute it until they are fried slightly. 

        <>Add white part of Spring Onion and saute it for a min. Now add French beans, Capsicum and Carrot. Saute it at  a high flame for a minute. Make sure veggies are not overcooked.

        <>Then add Cabbage, Green part of Spring Onion, Spinach leaves. Add 2 tablespoon soy sauce and Manchurian paste (optional). 

        <>Now immediately add the cooked brown rice, crushed pepper and salt. Stir everything well and fry it for 2 mins on a high flame. 

        <>Garnish fried rice with sliced Cabbage and spring onions.

        👑Difficulty:: Moderate  🍽 Category:: Rice

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